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Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Official Site Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy

Official site of Cathedral of the Blessed Trinity

About city of Drohobych

Drohobych - free royal city

Drohobych City Council

Church News


RISU - Religious Information Service of Ukraine

Religion in Ukraine

"Catholic columnist" - Information portal site «Milites Christi Imperatoris»

News about the life of the Church and Catholic electronic library of spiritual literature

Vatican Radio - Official Site

ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome

La Santa Sede - Servizi di Informazione - Sala Stampa

Vatican Information Service - Sala Stampa della Santa Sede

Church Learning Institutions 
Lviv Holy Spirit Seminary

Major Ternopil Seminary of patriarch Josyf Slipyj

Ivano-Frankivsk Seminary of St. Josaphat

Kyiv Three-saint seminary

Ukrainian Catholic University

High School of Blessed Clement Sheptytsky


 Church statistics


The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Current and historical information about its bishops and dioceses (Information about the history of modernity and its bishops and diocese) | Cardinals of the Catholic Church (Cardinals of the Catholic Church)

Arcivescovado per le Chiese ortodosse russe in Europa occidentale

Ortodossia cristiana


Natahaus - Best book

Free electronic books online

Ukrainian Literary Audio Resources

Centre of Orthodox Culture Ladder (Ukraine) - Orthodox medyaportal

Ukrainian theological site

Orthodox Library: Music, Singing, movies, propovedy, lecture ...

Download free books

Archive and Library of Fr. Yakov Krotov

Questions of Bible. Resource for Self-education

Virtual Lib

QUMRAN NET - Materiale Pastorale online

PROMIN Love - Spiritual Christian Family Magazine

Rassegna Strumenti informatici per l'Antichita Classica - everything that relates to the program of quote from the Bible

ANTYDARVYN.RU official site of Antydarwin movement in Russia

Papal Encyclicals Online

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church | Analecta OSBM

Ukrainian liturgical center

Library Humer

Archives in the world. Links

Digital Library of Wielkopolska - Digital Library of Wielkopolska

FЭB: Fundamental electronic Library "Russian literature and folklore"

Download Christian movies, music, homilies, Mp3 avi

Word service. Page of Deacon Michael Zheltov

"Ancient Rus. Questions of Medieval history"


The Main page of the Etext Library of the Church of Greece

National Library of Ukraine of Vernadsky, Kyiv

TYPYKON. Worship of Orthodox Church

Polska Biblioteka Internetowa


"Opoka" / Czytelnia

Digital Libraries

Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library - Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library

Digital Library of Wielkopolska - Main page

Biblioteki cyfrowe w Polsce

Akademicka Biblioteka Cyfrowa AGH

Cieszynska biblioteka wirtualna

American Memory from the Library of Congress - Home Page

Association of Research Libraries



Full Text Electronic Journal List

Gallica, Bibliotheque nationale de France digital library

DREVNERUSSKAYA literature. Antolohyya. Historical and literary site

"Monuments of ancient Rus'

Slavonic Texts

Journal of Biblical Studies

Electronic versions of magazines


Week - Sedmytsa.RU / / Week

Catechetics Online


Opera of St. Maximus Confessor


QUMRAN NET - Materiale pastorale online


Centro di Cultura Mariana


Archeology of Russia

Shelf - Home

Library of Ihtik and Arthur

Documenta Catholica Omnia - Multilanguage Catholic E-Book Database of all the Writings of Holy Popes, Councils, Church Fathers and Doctors, and Allied Auctors

Materials for priests


CML Publications:: Publications CML

Zammeru Maskil una testimonianza cattolica nel web | Home

Church Documents

Concili ecumenici

Magistero Pontificio