The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (2007) Друкувати
The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (2007)The Choir: "Oranta" of the Drohobych Seminary
Conductor: Fr. Andrew Bunia
Priest Celebrant: Fr. Taras Koberynko
Epistle Reader: Yuri Silnyk
Sound: Vladimir Pryriz, Victor Ivanyshyn
Design: Rostislav Kurtyak
Recorded in the Cathedral of the Blessed Trinity, Drohobych (March 2007)




1. Bells
2. Great Litany
3. Antiphon I
4. Short Litany
5. Antiphon II
6. Only Begotten Son
7. Short Litany
8. Antiphon III
9. Come, Let us Worship
10. Troparia for the Priest-martyrs
11. Holy God  

12. Prokimen
13. Epistle Reading, Alleluia
14. Gospel Reading
15.Litany of Fervent Supplication
16. Litany of the Catechumens
17. Litany of the Faithful
18.Cherubic Hymn  

19.Litany for the Gifts; The Father, the Son…; I Believe…
20. Anaphora
21. To You We Sing…
22. It is Right and Proper…
23. For all of us…
24. Litany of Supplication
25. Our Father
26. One is Holy…
27. Blessed is He who Comes…
28. We have seen the True Light…
29. May our Mouths be Filled..
30. Litany of Blessing
31. Amvon Prayers; May the Name of the Lord…
32. Dismissal
33. Many Years!