The Band “Quo Vadis” - General Information Друкувати

The band began unexpectedly, although the idea had been germinating for a long time. The story of the birth of “Quo Vadis” is very simple. One Saturday night in December a few seminarians were drinking tea together. We talked, joked and sang a song, two seminarians began to accompany the singing on guitars. No one thought that this would be the beginning of the band “Quo Vadis”.
On the last Sunday in November (24. 11. 2007) in the seminary an evening dedicated to the victims of the Holodomor (the Famine) was held, where the band “Quo Vadis” (then unnamed) sang their own song-reflection "God, forgive!" which was about the theme of the evening. After this experience members of the group definitely decided to try to create a band. After receiving the blessing of the Seminary Pro-Rector Father Hryhoriy Komar, they took up the hard work. They produced many of their own songs, arranged music for folk songs, set to music poems by other authors, including Lina Kostenko and Ukrainian workers in Italy.
The band holds a clear and unanimous position in regard to its music. We believe that music should be "live", therefore we never sing with recordings. When creating our music, we do not use computer technology. We sing in our native Ukrainian and we are not limited by narrow styles and musical trends. We try to produce what we feel deeply in our souls and we strive by example to show what can be done even in difficult conditions (such as in an educational institution like the Seminary where it is difficult to "steal" time for rehearsals) and that you must develop the talents that God sends. We hope to show that modern music can be interesting and meaningful, unlike the great number of cheap "pop" songs, offered by the mass media.
“Quo Vadis” gladly responds to invitations to perform, and often gives their own concerts and participates in concerts and festivals with other musicians. After a few years we now have a repertoire of three or four dozen songs. The band members began to record them, but it is not easy work. The conditions for recording are modest as we do not work in a powerful recording studio, but in normal "home" conditions in our spare time.
“Quo Vadis” has lots of plans and lots of energy for work. We want to show that contemporary music should not be limited only to “showbiz” and we want to be an instrument for doing good. We believe that through music many people, especially young people, can be brought to the Word of God.