Admissions Information Друкувати

During the month of June each year the Admissions Committee of the Seminary accepts from applicants the following documents which are required for admission:

1. Request
2. Certificate of Baptism and Confirmation
3. A recommendation from their pastor, certified by the signature and seal of the Rev. Dean and enclosed in an envelope
4. A certificate of secondary or higher education
5. Birth certificate
6. Autobiography
7. Medical certificate - Form 086U
8. Medical records
9. Four photos 3x 4
10. Certificate of family composition and residence


* All documents are accepted only in original;
* The seminary accepts only unmarried persons;
* Documents are accepted from all interested persons aged 17 to 30 years;
* Those admitted to the Seminary will undergo a medical examination;
* Military ID or registration certificate and passport must be presented to the Admission Committee. .

During exams the candidate will be required to show their knowledge of:

* Catechism of the Christian faith;
* Daily prayers and their understanding;
* Divine Liturgy and basic Liturgics;
* The New Testament;
* General facts of the history of the Ukrainian Church and State;
* Music theory and singing (elementary);
* Ukrainian language.

Some exams will be written. Entrance examinations will be held on 8-10 July.

Address: Drohobych Seminary
Vul. D. Halytskoho 2
82100 Drohobych, Lviv region .
Phone / fax: +380324421704
Tel.: +380324438649

Admissions open from 1 to June 30, except Saturday and Sunday, from 11.00 to 15.00 hours.