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 Погода в Україні
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Through their ever deepening emersion into the Byzantine Tradition, over the past years our teachers have achieved the goals that were set out at the time of the foundation of the Seminary. Now we have set ourselves the following goal - to contribute to the Byzantine foundations that have already been laid by our own Kyivan Tradition, that is the one thousand year long “construction” that still makes its appeal to us today. We have already been engaged in intensive research into the Kyivan Tradition for several years.
. We believe that while clarifying our future prospects under no circumstances are we to lose the legacy of the previous years.
Therefore each teacher now has the task of creating a textbook for their subject area.
The first step in creating such a textbook is the so-called "script" (course notes). We plan to start publishing course notes for use in the seminary. This should help teachers make more creative use of lecture time. These course notes will also be the result of a “conversation” that has been going on between teachers for a number of years now, in such a way that each subject area taught in the Seminary has influenced the other subject areas.
Therefore, all the course notes, while different from each other will have the common approach that has been adopted by the Drohobych Seminary. Over the past years, we aimed to write, in cooperation of teachers of other seminaries, common textbooks for all the seminaries of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. With this aim in mind, we have conducted meetings with teachers from other seminaries. Unfortunately, this project, for various reasons, has not been successful. So now we consider the publication of the course notes as a step towards publishing our own textbooks.
For those teachers who are ready to commence writing textbooks, we plan to create optimal working conditions (for example, by introducing the practice of the so-called "Sabbatical year"). In regards to training teachers, we have planned that in a few years’ time there will be two specialists in every major area of study which will ensure the continuity of the tradition that has been elaborated over the past ten years. The Seminary magazine "Word" is intended to develop into a serious theological periodical, which will be brought out by the publishing house of the Seminary.
We are aware that these and many other plans can only be realized by relying primarily on God's mercy, and the prayers and donations of the faithful. Summing up the previous years, we feel gratitude to the whole Church, our faithful, and many benefactors from Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to their generosity we have never gone without bread and something to eat with it, and so we are ever gratefull for their support and care.