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 Погода в Україні
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6.00 - Rising

6.30 – First Hour and Divine Liturgy

8.00 - Breakfast

8.30 - The first teaching session

10.05 - Break

10.15 - Third Hour

10.25 - The second teaching session

12.00 - Break

12.15 - Third teaching session

14.00 - Lunch

14.30 - Sixth Hour in the chapel

14.45 - Free time

16.00 – Individual Study time

19.00 – Ninth Hour and Vespers

19.40 - Dinner

20.50 - Spiritual Conference

21.15 - Evening prayer and preparation for sleep

22.00 – Sleep

Members of the Seminary community, who wish to have a deeper prayer life, are united in the Brotherhood of the Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple. The Brotherhood, which is closely linked to the Brotherhood of the same name at the Lviv Seminary of the Holy Spirit, is under the protection of the Fr. Isydor Dolnytskyy – a prominent liturgist of the 19th century.

Seminarians regularly produce a religious-social magazine called the "Word" every two months. The magazine has a high production and printing standard, with a few thousand being distributed throughout the parishes of our Eparchy.

During the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays Seminarians help in the organization of holiday services in parishes in the East, Center and South of Ukraine, in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, as well as working in summer Christian Youth Camps - the so-called "Sarepta."

A great deal of attention is given to creating conditions in which Seminarians are able to make a free choice about their future state in life. In order to gain a better understanding of monastic life, during the holidays students are able to live for a limited period of time in actual monasteries, and to familiarization them with the Sacrament of Marriage, special series of conferences for clergy, are given to students in the senior courses.

"And it was evening and it was morning - one day ..." At the time when the new day is about to begin, at Drohobych Seminary the bell rings: 6.00 – a time for getting out of bed, getting ready for the First Hour and the Divine Liturgy, for a meeting with Christ, whom we meet in the word of the Gospel and in the edifying, soul building sermon of the Fathers and in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. As St. Gregory the Theologian says in his 32nd Discourse: "We must first make ourselves clean in order to make others clean; we must acquire wisdom to teach others wisdom, be a light in order to enlighten, to get closer to God so as to bring others to Him, be sanctified that we might to sanctify others ".

Then - breakfast and lectures, which begin at 8:30 am and last until 13.50, during which students acquire the knowledge and the skills necessary for their future ministry. During one of the breaks between lectures (there are three breaks daily) the Third hour is prayed, because prayer is an integral part of the growth of Seminarians.

At 14.00 - Lunch at which seminarians receive tasty meals made with love and professional skill. It is important to acknowledge, the women who cook, the cleaners and the other workers, who put their soul into their work, and who take care of the seminary students as if they were members of their own families.

Immediately after Lunch, the Six Hour is prayers, and after that - free time with permission to go to the city. This time lasts until 16.00. At this time a period of private study begins and continues until 19.00. Students, by preparing for lectures, deepen their knowledge. They also attend electives in foreign languages, choir rehearsals for the seminary choir "Oranta" or other activities.

As well as their studies, each student has a specific ministry. This work may be in the iconography workshop, the editorial staff of the seminary magazine "Word"; preparing religious radio programs that are broadcast by local television and radio company "Alset" at 19.00 on Tuesday and Thursday. Other seminarians work in the Charitable Foundation "Caritas" with children from troubled families. Many students serve in orphanages, where they teach catechism to the children, and try to help give at least a little bit of grace and God's light to little ones, who have already suffered so much pain and disillusion, by sharing with them the Father's love.

Together with the ministry "outside the walls ", students also perform a variety of physical jobs, that are necessary for the maintenance of the daily life of the seminary. His awareness of his vocation as service to God and to His people, helps in this daily work. "We have to perform our duties among difficulties and with dedication ... not from self-interest! Not to cling to your position in society. For Christ has placed in our hands the work of the salvation of our people "- so said Metropolitan Sheptytsky and reality of his words still lives on...

Along with their study, fulfilling ministries and responsibilities, students do find time to rest. They attend concerts of sacred and choral music, organize and carry out literary evenings, interesting meetings where various issues interest for of both church and society are raised. Our guests were Bishop Cyril Vasil’, Joseph Wert and Igor Isichenko; Professors Gudziak, Marani, Suttner, Colzani; Fr. Mykola Pristay; guests from the Armenian Apostolic Church; Lesya Dychko, the Secretary of the Union of Composers, the winner of the Taras Shevchenko Prize, a Professor from the National Music Academy of Ukraine; Mstislav Yurchenko PhD, winner of Lysenko State Prize, Deputy Head of Department Musicology State Academy of Administration of Culture and Arts of Ukraine; the poet Dmitry Pavlychko and others.

There is no shortage of sports fans: In the seminary there is a gym with various forms of sports equipment. In addition, students enjoy playing football and participating in various competitions.

19.00 - seminarians gather in the chapel for the Ninth Hour and Vespers. Next - dinner at 21.15 - common evening prayer in the chapel. Then the bell rings at 22.00, which marks the end of the day.

The last rays of evening sun are just visible. They give the sign that this day has ended, but tomorrow will give birth to a new day - a new stage in preparation for the Holy Sacrament of the Priesthood.

"And it was evening and it was morning - day..."